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A small metroidvania made in 6 days for a self-imposed GAME•A•WEEK challenge.

Use your hookshot to explore a space terrarium and find all the secrets!

Andrew Gleeson (@_andrio) - Code/Art/Design

Niilo Takalainen (@nilkki1) - SFX

Nathan Antony (@derriskharlan) - Music

Maike Vierkant (@Maibbit) - Title Card

V 1.0.1 Update

  • Disabled Debug/Editor functionality (oops)
  • Fixed edge case where the player would get stuck in solids
  • Fixed critical level design issue where players could get stuck and not progress.
  • Stacked blocks will now move correctly.

More information

Published162 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X
AuthorAndrew Gleeson
TagsCute, game-a-week, hookshot, Metroidvania, Space
Average durationA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, XBox 360 controllers, Gamepad (any)
Player countSingleplayer


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SHRUBNAUT - Windows 16 MB
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I love the music in this game. I get a sense of nostalgia when playing the game as I am reminded of Light Crusader from Sega Genesis.

Also, I found a bug here:

I was trying to move this block while it was on the button and got stuck in the door when it closed.

I recorded a gameplay in Portuguese, I hope you enjoy!


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just curious to know; what language is this game written in? and is it made from scratch? also, i think it's very pretty. well done!

Hello! did a lets play of your game and some fanar with it too ^_^ Hope you like it!

Very cute!

Couldn't figure out the secret though.

Una Aventura de Otro Mundo

I really like this game but I have a few queries:

1) In one area - near the top-left spawn point - there's a button to activate a door but no accessible block to use it. I tried taking one from another area but it's impossible for me.
2) In the same area (or rather underneath it) there's a secret column where you can launch your hook but not cling on to anything. Bug or feature?

3) The spawn points lead me to believe I have 5 out of 8 crystals collected. I've run thru the map several times but not managed to find any more.

I'd also like to mention that I too would have liked some kind of story - even if it was something like finding your spaceship to go home. I wonder if because of point 3, I'm missing a hidden ending.

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Ooh! I got 1, 2 and possibly 3 figured out all in one go! 1 and 2 are indeed the same - though I don't see why 2 exists.

I did manage to find the other crystals but didn't see any change. Am I still missing something? =(

I adore this game... If you made a story mode, that would be one of my favorite games and I would deffinetly buy it!!! It's already on the list of top games :D

I got stuck in a door and I can't get out :'

Amazing game; highlight of my itch.io experience so far!

Would totally buy this game if I found it on the steam store. Keep up the good work!

Ah wow, thanks!

Got through playing this game multiple times and loved it! I really want to know what programming language you built this game with. :)

Great game! just got finished and it was awesome!!! keep up the good work man! :D

I just finished the game! I didn't find all the secrets, but got to the ending. Very cool game! Everything is so well done! Much respect indeed. I need to look though your other games! :)

I can't download the game on the itch.io client. It downloads and after installing uninstalls itself. I seriously hope you see this.

It seems to work fine for me. Is this happening with other games?


Hey, are you seeing this on Windows, or Mac?


I really think this game is SUPER unique :)! I gave it a shot and had tuns of fun! Props to the creators!


This game is really fun, and the art was really nice. I would love if it were longer though.


I really loved this game. It's a shame it's this short.

If I had to find some flaws there some minor ones (they're understandable since the game was made in a week, but here they are:)

- I think a walking animation would have been nice

- This is personal preference but I think the music it too Pokémon-ey, I really felt like a ten year old trying to master his pokédex but I think I should have felt like an astronaut exploring new worlds

- The glass at the end makes grass sound, no big deal.

I really like the sound effects, especially the grass one, it really feels like you can hear every single blade of glass touching your feet.

I also really liked the art style. The colors are cartooney but not too saturated, so that they are the right mix between cartoon and real.

Last but not least I liked the facts that some "secret" areas could be reached through more than one passage.

Overall a really nice game. Keep up the good work!

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