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A small metroidvania made in 6 days for a self-imposed GAME•A•WEEK challenge.

Use your hookshot to explore a space terrarium and find all the secrets!

Andrew Gleeson (@_andrio) - Code/Art/Design

Niilo Takalainen (@nilkki1) - SFX

Nathan Antony (@derriskharlan) - Music

Maike Vierkant (@Maibbit) - Title Card

V 1.0.1 Update

  • Disabled Debug/Editor functionality (oops)
  • Fixed edge case where the player would get stuck in solids
  • Fixed critical level design issue where players could get stuck and not progress.
  • Stacked blocks will now move correctly.


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This game was really well made and was really fun to play. Though, for some reason, the game sometimes goes faster then slower repeatedly. I'm not sure if that's just my computer, but it did ruin part of the fun. The controls were also kinda hard to use. None the less, the art was noice and the concept was intresting. It'd truely be nice if there was a sequel.


Works perfectly on Wine (for Linux users, like me) :).

Really nice game, interesting puzzle, nice artwork/music. Finished it in less than 1 hour, but in a passionate way. Thanks a lot.

Nice Game ^^ Love It :D

Grapple hooks make everything better :)!

This game is fuckig great!! Amazing! <3 

why i get " "SHRUBNAUT" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash." WHYYYYYY


Por favor, faça uma continuação desse majestoso jogo..coloque uma historia talvez! <3

good game is great

PLZZZZ MAKE a sequel

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This was a very well designed fun game. Really interesting core mechanic. Not bad at all for 6 days :)

I love the music in this game. I get a sense of nostalgia when playing the game as I am reminded of Light Crusader from Sega Genesis.


Also, I found a bug here:

I was trying to move this block while it was on the button and got stuck in the door when it closed.

I recorded a gameplay in Portuguese, I hope you enjoy!


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just curious to know; what language is this game written in? and is it made from scratch? also, i think it's very pretty. well done!

Hello! did a lets play of your game and some fanar with it too ^_^ Hope you like it!

Very cute!

Couldn't figure out the secret though.

Una Aventura de Otro Mundo

I really like this game but I have a few queries:

1) In one area - near the top-left spawn point - there's a button to activate a door but no accessible block to use it. I tried taking one from another area but it's impossible for me.
2) In the same area (or rather underneath it) there's a secret column where you can launch your hook but not cling on to anything. Bug or feature?

3) The spawn points lead me to believe I have 5 out of 8 crystals collected. I've run thru the map several times but not managed to find any more.

I'd also like to mention that I too would have liked some kind of story - even if it was something like finding your spaceship to go home. I wonder if because of point 3, I'm missing a hidden ending.

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Ooh! I got 1, 2 and possibly 3 figured out all in one go! 1 and 2 are indeed the same - though I don't see why 2 exists.

I did manage to find the other crystals but didn't see any change. Am I still missing something? =(

I adore this game... If you made a story mode, that would be one of my favorite games and I would deffinetly buy it!!! It's already on the list of top games :D

I got stuck in a door and I can't get out :'

Amazing game; highlight of my itch.io experience so far!

Would totally buy this game if I found it on the steam store. Keep up the good work!

Ah wow, thanks!

Got through playing this game multiple times and loved it! I really want to know what programming language you built this game with. :)

Great game! just got finished and it was awesome!!! keep up the good work man! :D

I just finished the game! I didn't find all the secrets, but got to the ending. Very cool game! Everything is so well done! Much respect indeed. I need to look though your other games! :)

I can't download the game on the itch.io client. It downloads and after installing uninstalls itself. I seriously hope you see this.

It seems to work fine for me. Is this happening with other games?


Hey, are you seeing this on Windows, or Mac?


I really think this game is SUPER unique :)! I gave it a shot and had tuns of fun! Props to the creators!


This game is really fun, and the art was really nice. I would love if it were longer though.


I really loved this game. It's a shame it's this short.

If I had to find some flaws there some minor ones (they're understandable since the game was made in a week, but here they are:)

- I think a walking animation would have been nice

- This is personal preference but I think the music it too Pokémon-ey, I really felt like a ten year old trying to master his pokédex but I think I should have felt like an astronaut exploring new worlds

- The glass at the end makes grass sound, no big deal.

I really like the sound effects, especially the grass one, it really feels like you can hear every single blade of glass touching your feet.

I also really liked the art style. The colors are cartooney but not too saturated, so that they are the right mix between cartoon and real.

Last but not least I liked the facts that some "secret" areas could be reached through more than one passage.

Overall a really nice game. Keep up the good work!

What is the point of the mini crystals since you can beat the game without them, also is being able to jump on block after pulling them intended? if so its hard to pull off. also what does the ice do? oh and lastly I loved the game thanks!

Very nice and charming game! I love it :)

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Great work Andrew! Only critique I have is to decrease joystick sensitivity. My gamepad registers very low movement to the left and so if I don't press anything the guy walks a little to the left. GameMaker has a built-in function called gamepad_set_axis_deadzone() that you can use to add a little bit of give for the analog stick. Loved playing though!

Such a great little game. Can't wait to play more of your weekly jams! <3


that one block thats in the hole in the purple area doesnt get picked up when i shoot down at it through the boards so I couldn't complete the game, I really liked everything else though!!

Weird! I've heard of multiple cases of this happening but I can't seem to replicate it. :<

Aw wish it was available for Mac... looks good tho!


It is! I just completed it on my Mac!

Aw for some reason when I download it on my Mac it won't open and says it's damaged... Im on El Capitan 10.11.1 :/

Try using the itch app. Works well for me under the latest public beta of Mac OS X.